Commands and Permissions

Commands and Permissions


This page has outdated information and will be updated soon.

Below is a list of commands and permissions. For each permission, you need to have the parent's permission. so for example:

If you wish to give a player "skinsrestorer.command.set.other" make sure you also give BOTH skinsrestorer.command.set permission and the main "skinsrestorer.command" permission


Commands not working? Read the installation guide


Don't use wildcards "*" for permissions! It won't work!


Player commands

Command and aliasesDescriptionPermissions
/skinthe main commandskinsrestorer.command ¹
/skin <skin name>changes your skinskinsrestorer.command.set ¹
/skin url <URL>Allow players to set a .png skinskinsrestorer.command.set.url
/skin set <player> <skin>set's a player skinskinsrestorer.command.set.other
/skinsopen the skinsmenuskinsrestorer.command.gui
/skin clearreset your skinskinsrestorer.command.clear ¹
/skin clear <player> <skin>clear's a player skinskinsrestorer.command.clear.other
/skin updateupdates your set skinskinsrestorer.command.update ¹
/skin update <player>update's a player skinskinsrestorer.command.update.other
PERMbypass the skinscooldown configskinsrestorer.bypasscooldown
PERMbypass the disabledskins listskinsrestorer.bypassdisabled


  • [!] /sr reload ONLY works for some config options; MySQL, for example, needs a FULL RESTART to apply

Admin commands

Command and aliasesDescriptionPermissions
/srshows the admin commandskinsrestorer.admincommand
/sr statustest the Mojang APIskinsrestorer.admincommand.status
/sr applyskin <player>re-apply skin of playerskinsrestorer.admincommand.applyskin
/sr CreateCustom <name> <url>Create custom skin from a url.pngskinsrestorer.admincommand.createcustom
/sr drop <player> skin> <target>removes the .skin OR .player fileskinsrestorer.admincommand.drop
/sr props <player>gives the skinprops of the playerskinsrestorer.admincommand.props
/sr reloadreload config & Localeskinsrestorer.admincommand.reload

Per skin perms

Own skin = skinsrestorer.ownskin

skin =<name>



The perms can be found on (opens in a new tab)

  • [!] make sure you have the upper-class permission when giving a sub or all when using an additional example:
  - main
    - sub
      - Addition
  - skinsrestorer.command
    - skinsrestorer.command.gui
    - skinsrestorer.command.set
      - skinsrestorer.command.set.url
      - skinsrestorer.command.set.other
    - skinsrestorer.command.clear
      - skinsrestorer.command.clear.other
    - skinsrestorer.command.update
      - skinsrestorer.command.update.other
  - skinsrestorer.admincommand
    - skinsrestorer.admincommand.status
    - skinsrestorer.admincommand.applyskin
    - skinsrestorer.admincommand.createcustom
    - skinsrestorer.admincommand.drop
    - skinsrestorer.admincommand.props
    - skinsrestorer.admincommand.reload
    - skinsrestorer.bypasscooldown
    - skinsrestorer.bypassdisabled