Launcher issues

Launcher skin issues

This page contains information about issues with skins in third-party Minecraft launchers.


Fix issues with TLauncher overriding your client-side skin.

TLauncher is dangerous (Malware)


TLauncher is dangerous (Malware) and should not be used. There is a high risk of your account being stolen or your computer being infected with malware.

The TLauncher brand has been acquired by a shady company and is no longer safe to use. They intentionally stole the brand name of the original TLauncher and are now using it to spread their malware.

For more information, watch the video by TheMisterEpic (opens in a new tab) about TLauncher.

How to fix

If you still want to use TLauncher, you can disable the skins feature in the launcher.

Watch this YouTube clip

Disable or turn off TLauncher skins

  1. Open TLauncher
  2. Click on the Accounts button
  3. Click on the Configure account selection
  4. Uncheck the Use skins TLauncher checkbox
  5. Click on the Yes button
  6. You can now close the Accounts window