Incompatibility list

Incompatibility list

SkinsRestorer may collide with third-party software such as plugins, mods, launchers, etc. Here is a list of known incompatible software.

Incompatible clients

Launchers that have built-in skin mods or other game-altering mods that block SkinsRestorer.

  • TLauncher

General plugin types causing issues

  • Other skin plugins like MySKin
  • Skript (They can also hook into skins)
  • Custom world plugins
  • Some TabList plugins

Plugins that need config change

  • FastLogin -> FastLogin config.yml -> forwardSkin: false
  • MundoSK -> MundoSK config.yml -> usecustomskins: false

Known plugin list

  • AntiBotDeluxe
  • Nicknamer
  • OldCombatMechanics (older versions)
  • Tablisknu
  • WorldChangeScreenRemover