Avatar URL

Avatar URL

Do you want to show a player's head in, for example, a Discord message sent by a plugin? This is possible with SkinsRestorer!


We also have a guide specifically for DiscordSRV

Prepare your server

Ensure SkinsRestorer and PlaceholderAPI (opens in a new tab) are installed on your server, are the latest version and are working correctly.

Make sure the plugin you want to set the avatar URL in, supports using PlaceholderAPI placeholders in the place where you want to use the avatar URL.

Configure the plugin

Find the place where you can put a URL in the plugin. This is usually a config file or a message file. Put the following URL in the place where you want the avatar URL to be used:

Reload the plugin

Reload the plugin to apply the changes.

That's it!

Now all SkinsRestorer avatars will be displayed in the plugins messages! 🎉