Install on BungeeCord

Installation on BungeeCord

Before installing, we recommend you to read the main installation page.

Basic Installation

In this section, you can read how to set up SkinsRestorer on your BungeeCord proxy.


Heads up! SkinsRestorer works best when you also install it on your backend servers. This is not required, but you will miss out on some features. Read more below.


We also support Waterfall instead of BungeeCord. The installation process is the same. Other BungeeCord-like proxies like FlameCord and and Aegis are not "officially" supported, but they should work.

Download the plugin

Download the latest version from SpigotMC (opens in a new tab)

Put it in the BungeeCord folder

Place the SkinsRestorer.jar in the plugins folder of the BungeeCord proxy.

Put it into every Spigot folder

Place the SkinsRestorer.jar in the plugins folders of every Spigot server.

Setup player information forwarding

You need to setup player information forwarding in order for SkinsRestorer to communicate with your backend servers. For that, follow the BungeeCord forwarding guide (opens in a new tab). This step is required for the plugin to work correctly on your network. If this step is not done correctly, the plugin will not work correctly.

Ensure that you have the done the following settings:


  bungeecord: true


Restart your servers

Restart (/restart, /stop or /end) all Spigot servers and the BungeeCord proxy.

Ensure the plugin is in Proxy Mode on the servers

In every Spigot server, check the server logs for the messages like these:

[SkinsRestorer] ----------------------------------------------
[SkinsRestorer]     +==================+
[SkinsRestorer]     |   SkinsRestorer  |
[SkinsRestorer]     |------------------|
[SkinsRestorer]     |    Proxy Mode    |
[SkinsRestorer]     +==================+
[SkinsRestorer] ----------------------------------------------

The plugin has to say that it is using "Proxy Mode". If you see this message, you're good to go!

If you don't see this message, make sure you you set up player information forwarding correctly. SkinsRestorer will not work correctly if you don't see this message.

Configure the plugin

You may now configure SkinsRestorer on the BungeeCord server.

Sync configs

Make sure you have the same plugins/SkinsRestorer/config.yml file on all servers and the BungeeCord proxy. This file contains important settings that are required for the plugin to work the same on all servers. If you don't have the same config.yml file on all servers, you may experience issues.

Restart your servers

Restart (/restart, /stop or /end) all Spigot servers and the BungeeCord proxy.

Check console for errors

Check the console logs of BungeeCord and all servers for errors If you see any errors, report them to us on Discord.

That's it!

Our plugin should now work on your network!