Install on Bukkit

Installation on Bukkit/Spigot/Paper

Before installing, we recommend you to read the main installation page.


If you're using BungeeCord or Velocity (or any fork of those), please follow the BungeeCord installation guide or the Velocity installation guide instead.

Basic Installation

In this section, you can read how to set up SkinsRestorer on your Bukkit/Spigot/Paper server.

Download the plugin

Download the latest version from SpigotMC (opens in a new tab)

Put it in the plugins folder

Place the SkinsRestorer.jar file in the plugins folder.

Restart your server

Restart the server. (Only use /restart or /stop Do NOT use /reload, As /reload will break SR!)[Plugman is also not supported]

Verify the plugin is installed

The plugin should now show as green in the /plugins command. If it's red or missing, please check your console logs for errors.

That's it!

You may now configure SkinsRestorer.