Custom Skins

Custom Skins


This page has outdated information and will be updated soon.

Because SkinsRestorer doesn't have a public API, We've developed two tools for uploading custom png files to SkinsRestorer!

How to generate a custom skin

Skinfile Generator

We get a lot of questions about how to apply a custom skin, lucky we got you covered!

For small servers, we have Skinfile Generator (opens in a new tab)

This web app allows you to convert .png skin files to .skin files that are used by SkinsRestorer. If you use the web application, upload the skin files to the directory where skin data is saved and rename the files to the usernames they belong to. You can find the source code on the GitHub page (opens in a new tab).

Skin System

If you're a BIG server network and use a proxy, we have a website with AuthMe integration:


Requires MYSQL

"Skin System" This web app allows your players to upload .png skin files to the database that is used by SkinsRestorer to allow people to use their own skin without a premium account! You can find the source code on the GitHub page (opens in a new tab).

Manual Generating

  1. Make sure the file and cape (optional) are online with a .png link
  2. Decode a skin to use the template (for example, notch (opens in a new tab))
  3. Replace it with your skin data and make sure all info matches
  4. Encode it again with Base64 and apply it to the matching .skin file
  5. Make sure you set the 3rd line to 0 which will avoid getting the skin invalid.

Apply custom default skins

If you want to apply a default skin for your server, you can do the following:

  1. Set the skin on your own using /skin to load it into the database
  2. Set the defaultskins to true and add the desired skin
  3. Restart the or do "/sr reload"


Skinfile Generator for dummies

  1. Get your skin file in .png format
  2. Go to the website ( (opens in a new tab))
  3. Hit browse and select your skin
  4. Fill in the skin name in the optional skin name field [!] Make sure it is lowercase & doesn't contain a space [!]
  5. Hit "Upload!"
  6. Download the file
  7. Upload / replace it on your proxy/plugins/skinsrestorer/skins folder
  8. If you don't have bungee, put it in your spigot (if you use mysql, open the file and insert the data in your skins rows.) done! you should now be able to do /skin <name> and it will appear!