Skin URL

Skin URL

SkinsRestorer allows you to use a custom skin by using a URL. This way you can use a skin not from another player, but from a URL.

Confirm a valid skin

Make sure the URL points to only the valid skin PNG file. If you are using imgur, make sure that the url ends with .png. A valid skin url should look like this: (opens in a new tab)

You can see the image below as reference:

Image explaining the right image format

Uploading to imgur

This time we are going to upload your custom skin format to imgur. Follow the following steps:

Download the file

You need to get a skin file in .png format. You can use the skin you created or downloaded from the internet. We have a skin design guide if you need help with that.

Image in download folder

Go to (opens in a new tab)

Upload the file to imgur (see image below)

Dropping skin image into imgur

Getting the url

The Skin URL must end with .png, so make sure that you have the right url!

Below you can see the skin I just uploaded to imgur, now right-click on the image and hit "Copy image url"

It should copy an url like

Copy link from uploaded image

That's it! you can now set the skin by using your imgur url!